A New Home For ClimateWest!

After several years of being hosted on wordpress.com, the ClimateWest blog is now moving to become part of the WildEarth Guardians’ website. ClimateWest, which is the official voice of WildEarth Guardians’ Climate and Energy Program, will still exist, but will now be a part of Guardians’ Brave New […]

Protest, Protest, Protest!

This past week, Trump backed down from plans to auction public lands in Colorado for fracking, but the Administration is still bent on selling off our lands to the oil and gas industry and we’re still pushing back as fiercely as ever to derail these giveaways. Without a […]

We’re Number 5!

In case you missed it, last week the Freedom of Information Act Project released a report detailing how lawsuits enforcing our nation’s bedrock transparency law have more than doubled under the Trump Administration. The report details how suits filed by nonprofits and advocacy groups under the Freedom of […]